Social Skills and Academics Blossom In A Family-First Setting

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Baltimore, MD

Experienced Teachers Instill A Love Of Learning

Your child’s teachers are experienced, caring educators who skillfully foster and guide curious young minds. Your little one learns from familiar faces who know their personalities and interests and watch them grow from infancy through kindergarten. 

We Have Safety Measures In Place To Protect Your Family

Spacious Classrooms Give Your Child Freedom To Soar

Your child is never bored in bright, airy classrooms with natural lighting, colorful furnishings, and plenty of space to play and learn. When your child’s environment is cheery and inviting, they are excited to explore new activities each day.

Delicious Meals and Snacks Fuel Healthy Development

Your child receives a nutritious breakfast and lunch every day, plus healthy snacks to keep them fueled and focused. Meals are included with tuition and exclude major allergens, so you don’t have to worry about packing food for your child. 

Safety Measures Ensure Your Child’s Security

Your child’s safety is a shared priority. With restricted access control, a private, fenced yard, indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras, and Smartcare© check-in and check-out, your child is always protected so you always have peace of mind.

Share In Those Magical Moments With Smartcare©

You don’t miss a thing when you get updates about your child delivered to your smart device. You know when your little one is playing, napping, and learning with a direct connection to your child’s classroom and daily routine.

Curriculum That Builds Literacy And Communication Skills

Reading and writing are lifelong skills. The trusted, proven Frogstreet© curriculum expands your child’s literacy through guided, play-based lessons in:

Social and Academic Preparation For Kindergarten Success

Your child is a confident learner when they practice socio-emotional skills and early academics in a loving, supportive classroom. Your child’s teacher prepares them for kindergarten by encouraging their physical, emotional, and academic development with care and intent.

Growing Bodies Benefit From Outdoor Playtime

Your child needs to run and play to keep their growing body strong and healthy. Outdoor playtime twice a day means your little one stretches, climbs, and explores generous play areas with their friends with the sheer joy of childhood.

Indoor Play Structures Keep Them Moving

Active play encourages the development of gross motor skills. Your child enjoys fun indoor play structures designed to keep them moving and healthy while trying new things and building up strength and stamina.

Music Classes Boost Their Brainpower

Yes, your little one learns new skills and explores new passions, but did you know music helps improve your child’s brain development?  A music teacher comes into their classroom to guide them through lessons that help them tap into their new talents and abilities.

music classes

Never Feel Alone With Parental Support Resources

You work hard to provide the best for your child, and you deserve support when you need it. Convenient hours work with your schedule, and a partnership with the Baltimore City Resource Center program gives you access to select services.

We Connect You With The Right Support!

Speech Therapy

Make sure your child is on the right path with their communication skills and speech development, thanks to dedicated professionals.

Occupational Assistance

Get in touch with occupational therapists that help break down barriers that affect children's emotional, social, and physical needs.

Children With Special Needs

Our team connects you with professionals that will provide the best possible learning experience for your child with special needs.

frequently asked questions

The center is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm for your convenience.

Yes, teachers have undergone 90 hours of childcare certification and hold certificates in the Maryland Excels program.

Yes, teachers are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Yes, breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in your child’s tuition. All meals consider both allergies and sensitivities.

Parents receive updates and reports about their child’s day through the Smartcare© phone app.

Yes, all children over 2 years old wear uniforms.

Children learn with the Frogstreet© curriculum that teaches literacy skills such as letter recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, written expression, and more.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

Hear What Parents Are Saying...

Tasha Harrison
Tasha Harrison
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"I recommend My Village to anyone!"

Everyone that works there seems to really care about the children and is family oriented, they go above and beyond for your needs. The prices are very reasonable at My Village and the hours work with m my schedule. I recommend My Village to anyone! The best part about it that my children love it!
Kween UrsTruly
Kween UrsTruly
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"The staff are very proactive with the children"

For 10 years I’ve only entrusted My Village Learning Center with my children. My children absolutely love the center and the staff. The staff are very proactive with the children and they exemplify compassion and care for each child. MVLC isn’t just a “daycare or babysitting” they engage with the children at every age.
Iyanna White
Iyanna White
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"I would certainly recommend MVLC"

My little cousins go to this center and the staff there are very caring. I’ve witness them go above and beyond to ensure the happiness and safety of the kids in their care. I would certainly recommend MVLC
xtiana Ibidapo
xtiana Ibidapo
"My daughter has learnt a lot"
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"My daughter has learnt a lot"

I will recommend to every parent. My daughter has learnt a lot. Teachers are great too.
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
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"very nice staff and lovely children"

This center seems to be very family oriented very nice staff and lovely children

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