Why Choose Us

Experienced Teachers

Qualified teachers utilize extensive training to lovingly provide care and learning.

Delicious Meals Daily

Your child’s tuition includes a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day.

Restricted Access Premises

Restricted access, CCTV cameras, and a private yard keep your child safe and secure.

A Communication App

Parents receive important updates throughout the day with the Smartcare© app.

A Trusted Curriculum

The Frogstreet© curriculum teaches your child verbal and written communication skills.

Daily Outside Time

Outdoor playtime daily lets your child explore, swing, slide, and climb.

Weekly Music Class

Your child learns discipline, confidence, and new passions with weekly music classes.

Support For Parents

A partnership with the Baltimore City Resource Center program means parental support.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 weeks - 23 months


24 - 35 months


3 - 5 Years

School Age

5 - 12 Years

summer camp

5 - 12 Years